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seawall repair in Palm Beach County

How to Know When Your Seawall Needs Repaired

When you live on a waterfront property, your seawall is one of the essential parts. Without it, you would not have a barrier between your home and the changing tides of the ocean. Despite how essential this piece of your property is, how often have you realistically checked its condition? Seawalls age slowly and offer no warning about its failure, and if left unchecked, your whole property could get sucked into the water.

Do not wait until it is too late to invest in seawall repair in Palm Beach County. A properly maintained seawall can last 30-50 years. However, if you ignore all of the warning signs, it may only last around 20.

Below are some of the telltale signs that your seawall needs repairs:

  • The seawall cap has cracks or broken portions
  • The seawall has deteriorating slabs
  • The seawall slabs are leaning
  • There are visible rust stains on the seawall
  • The stress beam is failing
  • The soil is being lost behind the wall

At Vogell Marine Inc., we offer exceptional seawall repair in Palm Beach County for waterfront properties. Never worry about the condition of your seawall again when you have it fixed up by our experienced team. Contact us at (561) 848-3333 to schedule service today.

Benefits of Seawall Repair Services

Beachfront propertiesIf your home or business is near a seawall that appears to be tilting or failing, contact Vogell Marine Inc. for seawall repair in Palm Beach County. By hiring our contractors for exceptional repair work, you can avoid extensive excavation or demolition of the seawall. It is advised that you have your seawalls repaired at the first sign of damage to reduce safety hazards for your home or business.

Some advantages of seawall repair services include:

  • No demolition required
  • No damage to the surrounding yard, plants, or landscape
  • Most repairs can be completed within a single day
  • Improve the property value and visual aesthetic

Vogell Marine Inc. utilizes a variety of different materials to rebuild seawalls, including reinforced concrete, vinyl, and aluminum. Our experienced contractors will ensure our repair services always protect your land, and we will work until the job is completed right.

If you are looking to protect your property from land erosion and flooding, seawalls are an essential aspect of keeping the nearby water away from your home or business. Seawalls are also much less expensive than other shoreline defense options, allowing you to protect your home and your wallet.

Contact Vogell Marine Inc. today at (651) 848-3333 to inquire about our seawall repair in Palm Beach County. We provide a variety of marine construction services to residents in Palm Beach and Martin County, Florida.