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Seawall in front of waterfront properties

Why Are Seawalls Necessary?

Rising sea levels, especially in Florida, have become a more considerable concern over the past few years. Some areas in the state have even raised the required seawall height to accommodate this concern. For those who live on the coast, seawalls are necessary to ensure the protection of their property and belongings. With rising sea levels and beach erosion a constant concern, proper maintenance and installation of seawalls are essential.

When waves break and pull back, they carry sand from the coast with them, causing the shoreline to recede over time. To protect a home or property from this erosion, a seawall is necessary to lessen the impact. Without seawalls, waterfront property is at risk of erosion and elevated water levels, which could do a tremendous amount of damage.

One issue with seawalls is that they eventually break down due to the constant impact of the water. This can be detrimental if left unchecked. Fortunately, the experts at Vogell Marine Inc. offer exceptional seawall repair in Palm Beach County. Our team will help ensure your property is protected from the ocean through building a new seawall or repairing an existing one.

To hire us for our seawall repair services, contact our team today by calling (561) 848-3333. We are located in Lake Park, Florida, and serve clients throughout Palm Beach and Martin counties.

Seawall from Vogell Marine

4 Benefits of Shorelines and Seawalls, Part 2

Though seawalls and shores are often built along public and business areas, our team at Vogell Marine, Inc., can tackle jobs of any size. We also offer exceptional seawall repair in Palm Beach County to ensure all local properties can remain protected from the ocean.

Below are two more benefits of seawalls and shorelines in Palm Beach County, Florida.

  1. They Create an Environment

Although initial construction may disrupt the local wildlife, completed seawalls can provide animals protection as well. Erosion and flooding can drastically affect their home, but a properly built seawall can ensure your property, and the local animals can live safely and happily in the community.

  1. They Create Beaches

When a seawall is constructed, a beach shoreline is created as well that is separated from pedestrians, traffic, and other activity. This allows people a great place to relax along the shore, whether the beach is made private or public.

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