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How to Care for Your Boat Lift

A boat lift is essential for avoiding fluctuating water conditions, debris, and other dangers. With the right care, it makes boating easy and protects your property from damage for years on end. So, how do you provide the right level of upkeep for this important piece of equipment? Here are some tips that top boat lift manufacturers in Florida recommend:

Use Appropriately – Lifts are designed to withstand the usual pressures of a marine environment, but they often sustain damage due to improper use. Save trouble and money by following general best practices and specific instructions related to your model every time you use it.

Conduct Inspections – Over time, any piece of equipment can suffer wear and tear. Luckily, you can spot many signs of damage or strain on your lift with regular visual inspections. Look for things like excessive rust, cracks, algae, and other unusual or disconcerting signs.

Know When to Seek Help – If you notice trouble when operating your lift, or simply aren’t sure whether to be concerned, your best bet is to call a professional for a closer inspection. Acting early can address potential problems before they worsen and provide peace of mind for owners.

When it is time to get a new boat lift, contact Vogell Marine.

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Accessories Available with Your New Dock

Useful accessories let our customers make the most of their docks in Palm Beach County, FL. There are tons of options to choose from when you contact the right contractor, and each offers additional utility. Customize your dock to suit your needs and enjoy an experienced centered on the marine activities you love most. Some of the most popular options on the market include:

Aluminum Gangways – Make boarding easy with a gangway that’s simple, accessible, and durable enough to withstand the elements. These aluminum accessories are perfect for frequent boaters who need a quick, safe, and convenient point of egress.

Fish Cleaning Tables – Whether you sail out to find the best locations for professional fishing or enjoy a casual hobby from the comfort of your own dock, you can save time and take in waterfront views with a cleaning station that’s included with your personal port. Made specifically for easy processing, these tables cut down on time spent hauling.

Mooring Whips – Protect your boat from high winds and passing wakes with a built-in solution. These whips keep boats connected to your dock and are designed to effectively handle disruptions in the water’s surface from weather and other sources.

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