Vogell Marine seawall

4 Benefits of Shorelines and Seawalls, Part 1

At Vogell Marine, Inc., we are experts when it comes to seawall repair in Palm Beach County. Our full-service marine construction company has been providing quality services for over 25 years. We are always working towards providing the best workmanship and products in the area.

Shorelines and seawalls are a great way to make coastal areas safer and much more enjoyable. Below are two benefits these structures have for residents and community members.

  1. They Provide Defense

A well-built seawall provides exceptional defense against storm surges, high waves, and flooding for coastal areas. These structures are constructed vertically, or near-vertical, to reduce the amount of energy the waves produce and then reflect it back towards the ocean. This process dramatically reduces erosion, which helps waterfront properties stay protected.

  1. They Provide Recreation

Seawalls are also great at providing recreation for residents and visitors. People can walk along the wall and enjoy the sights of the ocean and ocean life. Seawalls are great for all sorts of exercise, such as biking, sightseeing, and even act as a resting spot after a long day. Due to the protective nature of seawalls, they keep people protected as they enjoy the various activities they can perform.