dock pile

Defend Your Dock with Piling Protection Services

Water is an unrelenting enemy, and even in the calmest conditions, it is still working away at your property. Over time, that unceasing assault takes its toll and results in wear and damage to any shorefront feature. You can see this for yourself in the erosion of rocks along the coast and in the rust that’s visible on seawalls, for example. Freshwater or salt, it makes no difference as the impact is just as powerful.

At Vogell Marine Inc., we are a Florida marine construction company that knows how to help you protect your dock with the addition of pilings, and we’ve written about it here so that you can make the right choice regarding your property.

One of the most effective ways to protect your property is through regular inspections; in that way, you can detect any problems at the earliest possible moment and tackle them before they become major issues.

If a problem is discovered, act immediately to resolve it. These steps may include replacing damaged piles or adding caps, wrap, or bumpers to help ensure the integrity of the structure. A little preventative marine construction maintenance goes a long way toward helping you stay on top of this ongoing battle.