couple standing on the bow of a boat

How to Choose a Boat Lift

You’ve invested a lot of money into purchasing the perfect boat. Now, you want to be able to get full use from your investment by making sure it’s easily accessible and stored safely. The perfect way to do this is by making another investment – in a boat lift. However, there are many different types of marine boat lifts on the market. How do you know which one is right for your boat? Here are some helpful tips on choosing the proper boat lift:

Know Your Boat’s Overall Weight

To determine the correct lift capacity for your boat lift, you’ll need to measure the overall weight of your watercraft. In order to accurately weigh your boat, you need to account for the dry weight of the unit, as well as factors such as gear, fuel, and any additions to the boat.

Find Your Boat’s Beam

You’ll need to know the inside width required to park your boat on the lift. This can be determined by measuring the beam (or the widest portion of your boat). It is recommended to provide 10” to 12” of cushion beyond the beam width.

Know the Water Depth

It is important to know the depth of the water where the lift will be installed. In general, freestanding marine boat lifts work best in depths that range from 2 feet to 9 feet of water.