How to Solve Common Dock Problems

A dock is a vital link between the sea (lake, river, or bay) and the shore. Not only are they valuable, but they are also under continuous assault from the conditions where they exist. Waves and winds quickly take their toll, and such elements need to be taken into consideration when building and maintaining any waterfront feature.

Our team at Vogell Marine Inc. has seen it all over the years from a dock maintenance and repair standpoint and has assembled some handy ideas here for helping you solve common dock problems.

A dock on the water in the morningThe very first item you should undertake with your dock is preventative maintenance. It is essential for the simple reason that when you prevent any issues from occurring in the first place, you do not have to tackle them when they become problems that are more expensive in the future.

Part of your maintenance program should include the use of quality sealants to protect and preserve wood within the structure. In addition to this, make sure you replace damaged and deteriorated pieces before they become dangerous safety issues.

Regularly inspect the various components on your dock by simple methods such as walking on it and listening for unusual noises, physically touching and checking pieces like cleats and railings, and looking at the dock for damage or problem areas.

These simple tips are effective for docks throughout Palm Beach County, FL, and beyond.

Docks along Palm Beach County, FL, are very engaging ways to enjoy the waterfront. Vogell Marine Inc. can build and service your shoreline features.