FAQ About Boat Lifts in South Florida and Beyond

A boat is an investment that you want to protect. If you do, then you can be assured of years of worry-free enjoyment as you cruise the ocean, bays, and canals. As part of your protection plan, you should include a boat lift. A lift allows you to take your boat out of the water for service, cleaning, and extended periods when you won’t be using it.

At Vogell Marine, Inc., we have a great deal of expertise with installing and servicing boat lifts in South Florida. We also have a lot of experience with the common questions people ask regarding lifts, and we’ve decided to create this FAQ page to answer some of the most popular ones. We encourage you to read on for the information you will find helpful. If you any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Q: What are the differences between aluminum boat lifts and galvanized steel ones?

A: The main advantage is that aluminum will not rust. This a significant factor in a saltwater environment. An aluminum lift, combined with stainless steel hardware, will give you years of corrosion-free performance. Also, aluminum is much lighter than steel, but it’s also very strong.

Q: Is an aluminum walk board better than a wooden one?

A: Aluminum is better because it does not make the lift float as a wooden board does. Also, an aluminum walk board can be extended past the length of your boat for better access. You can also accessorize your aluminum walk board easily with steps, guardrails, and guide poles. They are also available in various widths for more room while walking alongside your boat.

Q: How much additional water depth is required above the draft of a vessel for boat lifts in South Florida?

A: In most cases, a lift adds about one-foot to the necessary water depth above the draft of a boat.

These are a few of the questions we are asked regularly. We know you may have others, and we’re happy to answer them at any time.