Take Advantage of Marine Inspection Services Before Hurricane Season

As people who live off the coast of the Atlantic know well, from June 1st to November 30th, it’s hurricane season. During this time of the year, Mother Nature stirs up intense tropical storms, with an average of seven of them turning into hurricanes. If you own property along or nearby the coast, it’s essential that you contact a company for marine inspection services to ensure your property is in storm-ready condition.

Long before a hurricane hits, you should have any marine structures on your property inspected for possible weaknesses. If these structures have survived more than their fair share of storms or are simply aging, they could potentially break apart during a major storm and cause additional damage to your property. A company that provides marine inspection services can review these structures and ensure they are in good condition.

Storm-Resistant Upgrades

Many companies that offer marine inspection services also offer marine construction and repair services as well. If it is discovered that your dock has suffered damage or excessive wear and tear, it can be rebuilt or repaired using storm-resistant technology, a few of which include:

Flow-Through Decking: This slatted decking allows water and wind to pass through without as much resistance, reducing the potential of an uplift during storms.

Composite Materials: Composite materials such as carbon-reinforced fiber plastic offer a stronger tensile strength than traditional building materials, allowing them to hold up better against hurricanes.

Fiberglass Composite Pilings: While you might think that a traditional concrete or steel post would work best, the truth is these materials are too rigid. Fiberglass composite pilings, on the other hand, can bend and properly absorb torrential winds and waves. Even better, these will never rust, rot, or crumble, offering you protection that lasts even when it isn’t hurricane season.

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