The Benefits of Installing Marine Boat Lifts

A boat lift is a must-have item for anyone with a boat and personal dock. By storing your boat above the water rather than in it, you can enjoy the following benefits and more.

Prevent Wear and Tear and Algae

Marine boat lifts can extend the lifetime of your vessel by eliminating the wear and tear that comes from long-term storage in the water. For example, leaving your boat in the water may result in blistering on the hull, lower-unit wear, and corrosion, all of which will need to be repaired to keep your boat’s appearance and safety in top condition.

Furthermore, storing your boat allows algae to collect on its exterior, creating layers of scum that not only looks bad but can also damage your paint job. By storing your vessel above water with a marine boat lift, you can skip all the stress and expense of this wear and tear.

Protect Your Vessel from Rough Waters

Even the calmest waters can turn strong and choppy under the right conditions. When your boat is stored in the water, it will rock and grind against the dock, tarnishing the exterior and potentially even causing structural damage. Depending on your location, the water level changes due to seasonal shifts and storms might even cause your boat to turn over. Eliminate the risk by using a marine boat lift instead.

Enjoy Easier, Safer Boarding

Beyond maintenance and storage concerns, lifts also make it easier for people to get on and off your vessel safely. Boarding a boat that is already in the water can be tricky since it will rock and sway. When you board a boat that’s on a lift, it has a more stable foundation. You and your guests will appreciate how much simpler it is to hop on board.