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How to Work Effectively with Your Marine Construction Contractor

Contractor with a tool beltWorking with a marine construction contractor is a great way to ensure your seawalls, boat lifts, and other structures are built and maintained correctly. When hiring Vogell Marine Inc. for your marine construction services, below are a few tips to work effectively with our team on your next project.

Create a Plan of Communication

Before your project begins, meet with your contractor to develop a clear outline of the plan and how any changes and updates will be communicated. Whether you are checking in by phone or stopping by the job site, you want to ensure the contractor is prepared to provide the information you want.

Track Changes to the Plan in Writing

Though the initial project plan should also be in writing, be sure to track any changes in written form as well. This will ensure your payment is on track, as well as any agreements the two of you make throughout the process. It is also good to make notes of any questions or concerns you have as they come up, so you can address them quickly and make changes as necessary.

Have a Flexible Mindset

Weather conditions, shipping delays, and equipment malfunctions can all cause the project to be put on hold. Remain flexible when it comes to the construction project. Your contractor will work to keep everything in line to the best of their ability, but it is good to have an open mindset when working with waterfront construction.

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Safety First for Waterfront Properties

When you own waterfront property, the great benefits come with even greater responsibility. Maintaining your property is essential to its structural integrity, and there are varieties of maintenance options that differ from a regular property on land.

Invest in a Seawall

Seawalls are your very first line of defense for your property on the water. Without one, your property can become compromised by rising tides and stormy weather. You should ensure your seawall is regularly cleaned, maintained, and monitored to keep it standing strong as it protects your home or business.

Docks and Decks Should be Maintained

Your wooden structures can rot and deteriorate over time, so it is essential to keep up on their maintenance. Broken or unstable docks and decks can be a hazard to your guests and should be repaired as soon as possible.

Protect Your Watercrafts

Installing a quality boat lift is another way to protect your property on the water. Boats are a significant investment, and it is essential to take care of them. You should ensure your boat lifts are maintained and repaired as necessary to keep your watercraft safe.

If you are in need of marine construction services, contact the experts at Vogell Marine, Inc. You can reach our team by calling (561) 484-3333.

What is Marine Construction?

Waterfront communityIf you live in a coastal area or are considering purchasing waterfront property, marine construction is something you should take advantage of. Marine construction focuses on anything built along the shoreline. These structures help to prevent damage to the property located near the water.

Common structures for this type of construction include bulkheads, seawalls, retaining walls, and revetments. If you are in need of marine construction services at your waterfront property, our experts at Vogell Marine Inc. will help you determine your concerns and needs.

Hiring a contractor is essential, as these structures require a particular set of skills. Knowledge of marine and ocean ecosystems, as well as specialized equipment, is necessary when building these structures. At Vogell Marine Inc., our contractors have years of experience under their belt and are fully equipped to handle any of your needs.

For over 25 years, we have been providing marine construction services to the Palm Beach area. We understand how important it is to have your waterfront property protected from various hazards. When you work with our team, you will receive reliable and dependable services. Contact our highly trained contractors today by calling (561) 848-3333 to schedule a consultation for your property.

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Make Safety Your Top Priority for Marine Construction

When you are looking to hire a contractor for marine construction services, your first priority should be the company’s safety record. There is nothing more critical than selecting contractors who are determined to protect all workers involved in the project, theirs and yours. You also want to ensure that the company works to affect the environment as minimally as possible during the construction process.

Building on the water can provide a variety of hazards, such as drowning, making contact with contaminated water, electrical hazards, and more. When you are working to build your property, you want to ensure the company you choose takes all of these risks into consideration. You will want to thoroughly investigate the company’s rating and how they handle their day-to-day tasks.

For the workers, you want to ensure the proper equipment and clothing is being worn on the job. Suitable footwear to reduce slipping, vests, and paired up on jobs are all requirements for marine construction services. You also want to ensure exceptional care is given to their equipment. Everything must be correctly installed, operated, protected, and maintained to prevent a machine malfunction or electrical hazard in the water.

When you work with Vogell Marine Inc., you will receive the highest quality services and workmanship from our team. Contact us today at (561) 848-3333 to discuss your next waterfront construction project.