The Benefits of Having a Built-In Fish-Cleaning Table

When you own beautiful waterfront property, it’s hard not to take advantage of your own private fishing spot. When we build new decks and docks in West Palm Beach, our team can help you customize your new marine construction project for your needs. If you’re an avid fisher, you’ll be happy to know that you can have a fish-cleaning table built right into your new dock.


If you frequently catch fish off your dock, having a fish-cleaning table handy is convenient. You can catch a fish for dinner, clean it, and place it in your cooler. Then, when you’re done fishing, all you have to do is cook it! The last thing you want to do after a long, relaxing day of fishing is to drag all your fish back and spend hours preparing it.

Keep the Mess Out of Your Home

Let’s face it, preparing a fish for cooking is a messy process – and it stinks. You don’t want the lingering smell of fish hanging around in your kitchen or the hassle of cleaning scales off your countertops. With a fish-cleaning table on your dock, you can keep the bad smells outside and easily wash down your table with a hose for a quick cleanup.