boats on the dock

What a Dock Inspection Covers

A dock, by its very nature, is exposed to all of the harshest elements. It can be battered by waves, lashed by high winds, pelted by driving rain, and targeted by unceasing corrosion. It has to be tough to withstand all of this punishment and provide the same safe anchorage and access to the water that it does.

Due to all of the punishment, wear, and use that a dock withstands, it’s a good idea to not leave it unchecked for extended periods of time and hope for the best. Little things can spring up unnoticed and quickly develop into major issues that compromise the safety of the structure and its suitability for use. At Vogell Marine, Inc., we are skilled and experienced in Florida marine construction, and we’re going to tell you what we look for during a dock inspection.

We do an overall inspection that checks out all the important components to ensure they are safe and sound and work well together for complete dock integrity.

Our examination includes each piling and all the toe guards on the dock, as well as each deck board. We check out the water seal and the bumpers as well. If the dock is wired and supplied with electricity, we assess all the outlets and connections. Finally, we tighten all of the dock bolts and nuts.

If you have any more questions about dock inspections or other Florida marine construction services, we’ll be happy to answer them.