boat at a dock

Marine Services in Palm Beach County Will Make Your Dock Last Much Longer

If you live on the waterfront, the perfect addition to your property is a safe and durable dock. If you already have a dock or if you are planning on having one built, one of the most important aspects to consider is protecting the foundation of your new or existing structure. As a company providing marine services in Palm Beach County, we can tell you that a new dock is only as good as its pilings. The pilings are the foundation of the structure, and because they are exposed to the water and the organisms that live in the water, it is paramount that they are protected. The best way to accomplish that is to include pile wraps on the pilings before they are sunk into the ground. Even if your dock has been built without this valuable component, adding these wraps will significantly add to the longevity of your structure.

Protect Your Dock’s Pilings from Erosion
Pile sleeves or wraps can increase the lifespan of your dock’s foundation by at least ten times. Poorly protected pilings will begin to make your dock lean and develop soft spots that can be dangerous for those trying to walk on it.  A pile wrap is just what it sounds like: a material that can be wrapped around the piling to provide protection from erosion and wood-destroying organisms. As a reputable provider of marine services in Palm Beach County, our team at Vogell Marine, Inc. can help you choose the right piling wraps and make sure your dock is in good condition for many years to come.