How to Prepare Your Boat Lift for a Major Storm

Hurricane Matthew above FloridaWhen a major storm is on its way, you want to ensure all of your belongings are adequately protected. This includes your boat and boat lifts in South Florida. When enough warning time has been given, you want to follow the tips below to keep all of your property safe and secure.

How to Prepare Your Boat

Your first step should be to remove the boat from its lift and store it away in a safe place. If you are unable to remove and store the boat, raise your dock lift as high as you can to keep the boat above potential storm surge. Remove any plugs from the boat, so water can adequately drain out. If you cannot remove or raise your boat, tie it to secure anchor points with long ropes.

How to Prepare Your Boat Lift

When your boat is appropriately stored away, your next step is to protect your boat lift. Lower the cradle to the bottom of the water, as this will prevent it from swaying and taking the force of harsh waves. If you are unable to remove the boat from the lift, remove all motors, switches, and covers and store them in a safe place. This will ensure not all essential components are damaged by saltwater.

At Vogell Marine Inc., we are dedicated to building high-quality boat lifts in South Florida. For more information on our services and how to protect your investment during severe weather, give us a call today at (561) 848-3333.

How to Work Effectively with Your Marine Construction Contractor

Contractor with a tool beltWorking with a marine construction contractor is a great way to ensure your seawalls, boat lifts, and other structures are built and maintained correctly. When hiring Vogell Marine Inc. for your marine construction services, below are a few tips to work effectively with our team on your next project.

Create a Plan of Communication

Before your project begins, meet with your contractor to develop a clear outline of the plan and how any changes and updates will be communicated. Whether you are checking in by phone or stopping by the job site, you want to ensure the contractor is prepared to provide the information you want.

Track Changes to the Plan in Writing

Though the initial project plan should also be in writing, be sure to track any changes in written form as well. This will ensure your payment is on track, as well as any agreements the two of you make throughout the process. It is also good to make notes of any questions or concerns you have as they come up, so you can address them quickly and make changes as necessary.

Have a Flexible Mindset

Weather conditions, shipping delays, and equipment malfunctions can all cause the project to be put on hold. Remain flexible when it comes to the construction project. Your contractor will work to keep everything in line to the best of their ability, but it is good to have an open mindset when working with waterfront construction.

Boat lifts in South Florida

Give Your Dock a Lift with Vogell Marine Inc.

Boat lifts in South Florida are a great way to keep your watercraft accessible and protected from the damage that can occur from water storage. Lifting it out of the water will help you avoid a variety of issues, from delamination to storm damage.

At Vogell Marine Inc., we construct a variety of high-quality boat lifts for those looking to keep their home on the water safe and secure. It is much better to let the professionals create and install your boat lift rather than to try to build one yourself. You can compromise the structural integrity of your dock, as well as your boat if you do not know exactly what you are doing.

Many boats are built with the intention to be stored on dry docks, not in the water. If stored improperly, you can damage your boat and lose out on a hefty investment. Storing your boat in the water will contribute to performance decreases and the loss of value.

Our team will consult with you to determine the best options for your needs.  You want to ensure the materials used are suitable for your water climate, as well as strong enough to support the vessel you will be docking. We can build boat lifts for everything from jet-skis to yachts. Our company is experienced in a variety of marine construction services and will work with you to build the best structure for you.

Contact Vogell Marine Inc. today for more information on our boat lifts in South Florida. You can reach our team by calling (561) 848-3333.

Palm Beach County docks

How to Naturally Keep Your Dock Clean

Whether you had a brand new wooden dock built or are maintaining your existing one, it is essential to keep the dock clean. Wooden docks tend to require more maintenance than other materials, and cleaning it can be tricky if you do not have the right substances. If you are worried about using certain chemicals on your wood, there are ways to clean it with natural products.

Not only is a natural cleaner better for your environment, but it can be more cost-effective as well. Baking soda, for example, is excellent at removing stains and will not damage or discolor the wood. Vinegar and water are also a great combination that can be used for nearly anything.

There are also varieties of natural cleaners on the market that will do the job as well, but they still tend to be more expensive than the every-day pantry items listed above. These natural products also have high acidity and can make surfaces dangerously slippery, so the cost may not be worth the potential harm.

Vogell Marine Inc. constructs beautiful, high-quality Palm Beach County docks. Our team will be more than happy to assist you with cleaning tips and tricks to ensure your dock lasts for many years to come. Reach out to us today at (561) 848-3333 to schedule a consultation with one of our marine construction contractors.

Waterfront cityscape

Safety First for Waterfront Properties

When you own waterfront property, the great benefits come with even greater responsibility. Maintaining your property is essential to its structural integrity, and there are varieties of maintenance options that differ from a regular property on land.

Invest in a Seawall

Seawalls are your very first line of defense for your property on the water. Without one, your property can become compromised by rising tides and stormy weather. You should ensure your seawall is regularly cleaned, maintained, and monitored to keep it standing strong as it protects your home or business.

Docks and Decks Should be Maintained

Your wooden structures can rot and deteriorate over time, so it is essential to keep up on their maintenance. Broken or unstable docks and decks can be a hazard to your guests and should be repaired as soon as possible.

Protect Your Watercrafts

Installing a quality boat lift is another way to protect your property on the water. Boats are a significant investment, and it is essential to take care of them. You should ensure your boat lifts are maintained and repaired as necessary to keep your watercraft safe.

If you are in need of marine construction services, contact the experts at Vogell Marine, Inc. You can reach our team by calling (561) 484-3333.

Fishermen on a boat at sunset

Advantages of a Fixed Boat Dock

Though there are plenty of advantages to owning a floating dock, fixed docks are great options as well. When you work with our company for Palm Beach County docks, you will receive a quality build in your material of choice.

Below are just some of the advantages of having a fixed boat dock:

Stability: Unlike floating docks, which sit on top of the water, fixed docks are much more stable. If the area you are storing your boat has strong tides, currents, or many waves, you will benefit more from installing a fixed boat dock.

Quality Materials: A fixed dock can be built with a variety of different materials and designs, allowing you to customize it to your exact preferences. Our team at Vogell Marine, Inc. will help you develop the perfect dock for your needs.

Extend your Space: Since these docks are more secure, you can add your own touch to the area. Outdoor furniture, grilling supplies, or a bar are all possible installations when you opt for a fixed dock.

Withstand Stormy Weather: The high-quality materials and sturdy construction of a fixed dock will allow it to stand tall during severe weather events. You will not need to worry about moving your dock into storage when you have it fixed into the ground.

What is Marine Construction?

Waterfront communityIf you live in a coastal area or are considering purchasing waterfront property, marine construction is something you should take advantage of. Marine construction focuses on anything built along the shoreline. These structures help to prevent damage to the property located near the water.

Common structures for this type of construction include bulkheads, seawalls, retaining walls, and revetments. If you are in need of marine construction services at your waterfront property, our experts at Vogell Marine Inc. will help you determine your concerns and needs.

Hiring a contractor is essential, as these structures require a particular set of skills. Knowledge of marine and ocean ecosystems, as well as specialized equipment, is necessary when building these structures. At Vogell Marine Inc., our contractors have years of experience under their belt and are fully equipped to handle any of your needs.

For over 25 years, we have been providing marine construction services to the Palm Beach area. We understand how important it is to have your waterfront property protected from various hazards. When you work with our team, you will receive reliable and dependable services. Contact our highly trained contractors today by calling (561) 848-3333 to schedule a consultation for your property.

3 Repair Jobs that Will Extend the Life of Your Seawall

Luxury waterfront propertiesWhen you own waterfront property, a well-maintained seawall is essential to its value and protection. Protecting the property from storm surges, corrosion, and damage can be stressful if you do not have the correct team on your side. Vogell Marine Inc. offers exceptional seawall repair in Palm Beach County to keep your property safe and beautiful.

When you are looking to extend the life of your protective seawall, the following three repair jobs are the best choice.

  1. Well Point Drainage System

A well point drainage system can help extend the life of your seawall by reducing the pressure that builds up against the structure. A series of well points are placed along a trench and then attached to a pump to help filter the pressure away from the site.

  1. Grouting Joints

When the joints begin to deteriorate, water can flow into areas it should not. By having these joints repaired with grout, the process is not only quicker but lasts longer than using organic materials.

  1. Secondary Anchors

Installing a secondary anchor to the seawall can extend its life by at least ten years. A second anchor can also be installed to support an existing anchor, which may be failing or not built properly to begin with.

If you are in need of seawall repair in Palm Beach County, contact the experts today at Vogell Marine Inc. You can speak to our marine contractors by calling (561) 848-3333.

Beautiful boat parked in a dock

How to Perform Exceptional Boat Dock Repair

Boat docks are beneficial in that they help ensure the security of your boat when not in use on the water. However, docks are constantly exposed to water, heat, and harsh weather, causing them to wear down over time. When you need your Palm Beach docks repaired, look to the experts at Vogell Marine Inc. for service.

Below are some tips our team utilizes to ensure we are providing the best repair job for your boat docks.

Ensure the wood is treated and sealed: When repairing a boat dock, we will only use treated and sealed wood for the job. This will help prevent the materials from rotting and keep the structure safe and secure while in the water.

Replace broken parts: If parts on the dock are missing or broken, we will work to replace them to the best of our ability. It is much easier, and most cost-effective, to replace one part now than the whole dock later.

Clean metal parts: If there are any metal parts or platforms on the dock, we will clean and treat them with a rust-resistant substance. This will ensure these metal parts do not easily succumb to rust and damage while exposed to water.

Check the screws: During our maintenance and repair, we will check all screws and fasteners on the dock to ensure everything is stable and secure. Tightening the screws on your dock will help avoid more severe damage down the line.

Seawall in front of waterfront properties

Why Are Seawalls Necessary?

Rising sea levels, especially in Florida, have become a more considerable concern over the past few years. Some areas in the state have even raised the required seawall height to accommodate this concern. For those who live on the coast, seawalls are necessary to ensure the protection of their property and belongings. With rising sea levels and beach erosion a constant concern, proper maintenance and installation of seawalls are essential.

When waves break and pull back, they carry sand from the coast with them, causing the shoreline to recede over time. To protect a home or property from this erosion, a seawall is necessary to lessen the impact. Without seawalls, waterfront property is at risk of erosion and elevated water levels, which could do a tremendous amount of damage.

One issue with seawalls is that they eventually break down due to the constant impact of the water. This can be detrimental if left unchecked. Fortunately, the experts at Vogell Marine Inc. offer exceptional seawall repair in Palm Beach County. Our team will help ensure your property is protected from the ocean through building a new seawall or repairing an existing one.

To hire us for our seawall repair services, contact our team today by calling (561) 848-3333. We are located in Lake Park, Florida, and serve clients throughout Palm Beach and Martin counties.