Beautiful boat parked in a dock

How to Perform Exceptional Boat Dock Repair

Boat docks are beneficial in that they help ensure the security of your boat when not in use on the water. However, docks are constantly exposed to water, heat, and harsh weather, causing them to wear down over time. When you need your Palm Beach docks repaired, look to the experts at Vogell Marine Inc. for service.

Below are some tips our team utilizes to ensure we are providing the best repair job for your boat docks.

Ensure the wood is treated and sealed: When repairing a boat dock, we will only use treated and sealed wood for the job. This will help prevent the materials from rotting and keep the structure safe and secure while in the water.

Replace broken parts: If parts on the dock are missing or broken, we will work to replace them to the best of our ability. It is much easier, and most cost-effective, to replace one part now than the whole dock later.

Clean metal parts: If there are any metal parts or platforms on the dock, we will clean and treat them with a rust-resistant substance. This will ensure these metal parts do not easily succumb to rust and damage while exposed to water.

Check the screws: During our maintenance and repair, we will check all screws and fasteners on the dock to ensure everything is stable and secure. Tightening the screws on your dock will help avoid more severe damage down the line.