How to Prepare Your Boat Lift for a Major Storm

Hurricane Matthew above FloridaWhen a major storm is on its way, you want to ensure all of your belongings are adequately protected. This includes your boat and boat lifts in South Florida. When enough warning time has been given, you want to follow the tips below to keep all of your property safe and secure.

How to Prepare Your Boat

Your first step should be to remove the boat from its lift and store it away in a safe place. If you are unable to remove and store the boat, raise your dock lift as high as you can to keep the boat above potential storm surge. Remove any plugs from the boat, so water can adequately drain out. If you cannot remove or raise your boat, tie it to secure anchor points with long ropes.

How to Prepare Your Boat Lift

When your boat is appropriately stored away, your next step is to protect your boat lift. Lower the cradle to the bottom of the water, as this will prevent it from swaying and taking the force of harsh waves. If you are unable to remove the boat from the lift, remove all motors, switches, and covers and store them in a safe place. This will ensure not all essential components are damaged by saltwater.

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