wooden seawall

What Marine Contractors in Florida Notice When Seawalls Fail

Your seawall is your primary defense against erosion and flooding when you own a property that is right on the shoreline. Working with marine contractors in Florida to maintain these structures is a must if you want to keep your property looking its best even as the tides rise or big storms blow through.

Naturally occurring environmental conditions that threaten the functionality of your seawall. Make sure you have it checked out if you notice:

Significant Changes in Water Depth – A seawall is at its best when the water levels remain consistent. When waterway lock systems, canal dredging, dams, and climate change occurs, however, you might notice a significant change to water depth. When water levels continue to increase, your seawall may no longer be effective at preventing surges, while a decreased amount of water can create an imbalance of pressure against the seawall.

Severe Weather from Storms – Whipping wind, sand, and rain can begin to wear down your seawall. Regular maintenance can help fortify it against the wrath of Mother Nature, but a worn wall can easily succumb to the damage raining down on it. This can cause leaks, surges, and other events to occur.

When you need a seawall inspection or repair, turn to the experienced marine contractors at Vogell Marine.